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Greg Miller


About Us

About the Author

Greg Miller author of How I Reversed My Moms Emphysema.

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My name is Greg Miller. In 2003 my mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD. I had worked in a hospital many years earlier and remembered the emphysema patients repeated visits. I remembered them deteriorating looking more and more desheveled with each visit and then I would not see them anymore. I assumed they had succumbed to the disease.

I feared my mother would now be travelling down this same path and it scared the hell out of me! I decided I would not sit back passively letting the doctors do whatever they deemed necessary. The bottom line was that I trusted the doctors and thought they were the best chance we had for my mother surviving this horrible disease but I also had not heard of any miracle cures developed by the pharmaceutical companies or the medical industry.

COPD Medications

My mother was immediately put on multiple, very expensive medications. i assumed that one or more of them would stop the progress of COPD and maybe even reverse the effects and the damage already caused by nearly 40 years of cigarette smoking.

I researched each of these COPD medications and treatments beginning my search with their manufacturers. I was surprised after studying the information on each medication that not one even claimed to "stop the progress of COPD" or "cure COPD." The best any of them claimed was to "slow the progress of COPD."

I quickly realized that if we relied solely on these COPD medications and treatments, the disease would continue progressing. It was painfully obvious at this point that my mother's only chance of surviving COPD was if we found alternative treatments that would actually stop the progress of the disease and possibly even reverse the damage already caused by its progression.

During this time my mother took the prescribed medications and performed the nebulizer treatments ordered by her doctor. They all seemed to offer temporary relief from the symptoms but I noticed that once the effects of the medication would wear off, my mother would end up right back where she had been before taking the medication.


Alternative COPD Treatments

I searched the internet every night looking for any alternative COPD treatment that may provide some hope for my mother. Almost 9 months passed before I found anything that held any promise. It was a book by Dr. Greene. Dr. Greene, a Naturopath, had kept his father alive for 16 years using his alternative treatments. This wasn't what I was looking for but it was better than medications that carried serious side-effects. All of Dr. Greene's treatments were without side-effects as they were extracts from whole food not poisons concocted in a laboratory.

Other than Dr. Greene, I did not find any information directly related to emphysema and COPD except for one. I found Dr. Hirohito Kita, an MD at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Kita had published research in 1999 stating that 96% of sinusitis is caused by a fungal infection. Sinusitis was relevant to COPD and emphysema since breathing tubes attached to oxygen concentrators are generally not changed often enough and as a result can cause sinusitis in patients using these breathing tubes.

By this time my mother had already been put on supplemental oxygen and needed it 24/7. I noticed her breathing tube had a light brown haze in it. I also noticed that she was getting regular headaches which were increasing in frequency and magnitude. I gave her tylenol which did nothing to alleviate the headache associated with her sinusitis. Another time I tried Advil which also did nothing.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics which also did nothing. I asked my mother's doctor about Dr. Kita and he had never heard of him so he obviously had not read his research so he did not realize the antibiotics would be completely ineffective. Once I read Dr. Kita's research I knew why. My mother needed something to kill a fungal infection in her sinuses not a bacterial infection.

Since I wanted to dig much deeper I purchased a Clinical Mycology textbook. Upon reading I found that giving an antibiotic to a patient with a fungal infection will "ensure the chronicity of the fungal infection." So not only did the antibiotics not provide any positive results, they actually made the situation worse and all because the doctor had not read the current information that was relevant to conditions being suffered by his patients!

Why aren't the doctors reading relevant research published in pier reviewed journals? How can they expect to do their jobs without reading this research information? I started realizing that maybe they were more focused on money and not curing disease. In fact, in my research I was unable to find one single drug that has eve cured a disease. If you know of one please let me know.

My research continued while my mother's condition steadily deteriorated. Her appointments were every 3 months until she reached End Stage. At that point both her primary care physician and her pulmonary specialist started scheduling her every 6 months. She weighed only 77 pounds, required 4 liters of supplemental oxygen and could only sleep for about an hour before waking short of breath. I thought she needed more frequent visits not less frequent. This change seemed counterintuitive to me. I eventually realized neither doctor expected to see her again. They didn't think she would survive another 6 months!

My mother in the early stages of recovery from COPD and emphysema.

This is my mother in September 2007 in the early stages of recovery from COPD and emphysema. I do not have a picture of her when she was at her worst. This was the first time she would let us photograph her. She could tell she was getting better for the first time since her diagnosis.

Alternative COPD Research Begins Showing Promise

I eventually realized there was not much information out there providing alternative treatments for emphysema and COPD. I knew that inflammation and excess mucus production were the two main symptoms of COPD.

I knew there were medications that temporarily masked these symptoms and I did find natural supplements that were extracts from whole food that would not just mask these symptoms temporarily but would actually alleviate these problems permanently. This was a step in the right direction but still not a solution. This would alleviate the primary symptoms but would not stop COPD progression or cure the disease.

I continued researching but this time I searched for information on alternative treatments for other diseases. I was hoping I could apply their findings to COPD but I needed a better understanding of what this disease was and why it progressed.

COPD Progression Hypothesis

After observing my mother every day, all day for a few years I began noticing a few things that the doctors were seemingly unaware of.

  1. As my mother's supplemental oxygen requirement increased her meal size decreased.
  2. As her meal size decreased, her weight also decreased.
  3. As the disease progressed her "barrel chest" condition worsened.
  4. Even though my mother had quit smoking the disease continued progressing as if she was still smoking.
  5. The doctors continued ordering expensive tests yet the results never caused a change in her medications or treatments.
  6. No matter how bad my mother's condition was, the doctors never seemed surprised or concerned. (I realized later that this was because she was dying right on schedule.)

With the disease continuing its progression long after smoking cessation I began thinking there must be something growing or proliferating in my mother's lungs. It seemed like some pathogen must be growing and occupying more and more of her lung volume causing the disease progression. This logical progression eventually led me to a working hypothesis that, I believe, describes the cause of the disease progression of COPD and emphysema. The hypothesis is simply,

"Smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs that begins growing immediately and continues proliferating even if the patient quits smoking. As the pathogen occupies more and more of the patient's lung volume the body adapts and distends the lungs creating additional lung volume for gas exchange. (breathing) The distending lungs eventually crowd the stomach making normal-sized meals impossible and causing severe weight loss." This is the beginning of End Stage or Stage IV.

Alternative COPD Treatments Produce Results

Out of desperation I began my mother on a diet developed by a cancer researcher. He developed this diet for the purpose of starving cancer by removing its food supply. I thought that if my hypothesis was correct, my mother should start improving and the improvements, no matter how small, should be permanent.

Amazingly in only 3 weeks my mother began showing the first signs of improvement she had shown since her diagnosis. The diet is available as a free download by simply signing up for the Alternative COPD Treatments Newsletter.

COPD Complete Recovery

My mother after her complete recovery from COPD and emphysema.

My mother in December 2008 after her complete recovery from COPD and emphysema.

As you probably know, inflammation and excess mucus production are the two primary symptoms of COPD. Omega-3 fatty acids and tumeric will reduce inflammation and NAC (N-acetyl-l-cysteine) will thin the mucus enough that it can be coughed up and out of the lungs.

My research continued and I was able to locate additional researchers with very helpful information regarding the elimination of chronic pathogenic infections. it took a total of 17 months and the recovery was slow but my mother did eventually recover completely. All of the 12 supplements I used have specific functions in eliminating this disease condition. The details are contained in the entire book, "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema." The book has now sold in 22 countries and is available on Amazon, Amazon Europe and Kindle ("How I Reversed My Mom's COPD") To date, more than 8000 people have recovered completely.

COPD Focus Groups

We are currently working with 2 Focus Groups. Each member is a COPD patient who is tracking their progress with journal entries and bi-monthly videos. We will be presenting these case studies in the summer of 2015 proving once and for all, these protocols work and they are the only regimen I have found anywhere that will produce these results.

How I Reversed My Moms Emphysema


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