The Purpose of the COPD Focus Group

When I first began helping COPD patients, one thing I soon realized was that there was not much out there in the way of viable alternative treatments to the conventional prescription medications. I am not against prescription medications when they are necessary. However, they are used in treating the symptoms of diseases which is fine if your goal is providing relief to the patients.

It is important that we realize there is a cause and effect for all diseases. They symptoms constitute the effect of the disease and not the cause. We can see logically that if we are treating the effect of the disease with medications we have little chance of affecting the actual cause of the disease.

This becomes very serious with a disease like COPD. COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a "progressive" disease meaning it continues progressing even if you treat the symptoms with medications. Progressive is the new term that replaced "terminal." I think they realized that patients were more likely to take their medications if they had a progressive disease as opposed to a terminal disease.

I started the COPD Focus Group at the request of a few people who had joined my large COPD group on Facebook. They wanted a one-on-one setting where they would feel comfortable asking questions and where they could talk about the specific problems they were encountering.

I bagan the group shortly after that. The other request they made was they wanted the absolute best supplement in each category so they would know their recovery was moving as fast as it possibly could move.

That marked the beginning of the Superior Supplement Packages and the COPD Focus Group. We limit the group size to 10 members. Once we reach 10 we start another group. All members have the suthor's personal email address and are invited to a weekly presentation detailing one specific aspect of the recovery process.

This way, members know what to expect and if they are doing part of the treatments incorrectly they can quickly get back on track.

COPD Focus Group Requirements

The only requirements for becoming a member is that you have to have read the book and wish to follow the protocols detailed in the book. You must also purchase your supplements from us each month you are in the group. This way we know your improvement will occur at the same rate as the other members.

The last requirement is to provide information regarding your recovery every 3 months. If we post any of your comments we will not use your last name or list the town you live in.


COPD Focus Group

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