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How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema

Detailed account of my mother's 17 month recovery from COPD.

New Menu That Began My Mother's Recovery

The diet that began my mother's COPD recovery.

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Blue Mold Growing on Tobacco

It is a well-known fact that tobacco farmers have problems with blue mold on tobacco when it is growing and when it is cured. What would stop other molds, fungi and pathogens from also growing on the tobacco? NOTHING!

What if one of these other molds, fungi or pathogens are causing COPD?

COPD Disease Progression Hypothesis

"Smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs that begins proliferating soon after and continues proliferating often times for decades. As the pathogen proliferates, it occupies more and more of the patient's lung volume. The body adapts by distending the lungs, eventually resulting in "Barrel Chest", a condition common to COPD patients in the latter stages of COPD.

As the body continues distending the lungs further and further in an effort to create additional lung volume, the lungs eventually crowd the stomach making normal-sized meals impossible and resulting in severe weight loss."

We have all seen these people sitting in wheelchairs, wearing a supplemental oxygen cannula in their nose and looking like skin and bones.

The lungs have distended so far these patients cannot eat enough food for survival. If they try and eat more it will negatively affect their breathing.

This is where my mother was when I started her on the New Menu, the first alternative COPD treatment that showed improvements in only a few weeks. She was in End Stage Emphysema, on 4 liters of supplemental oxygen, weighed only 77 pounds and could only eat about a cup of food at each meal. She could only sleep for about an hour before waking up in the middle of an exacerbation.

Evidence Supporting Hypothesis

Leonard Nimoy (Spock on Star Trek) quit smoking 29 years ago and recently died from COPD. Why? The pathogen continued proliferating until it occupied his entire lung volume.

See Testimonial Page

What The Experts Are Saying

Dr. Fuhrman, MD uses the same diet as I did which eliminates sugar and grains. He advocates the vegetarian version which I do not use. Dr. Fuhrman calls this diet, "The cure for every chronic disease." These are not my words. They are Dr. Fuhrman's.

Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD uses the same diet and many of the same alternative treatments in his 8-step cure for allergies and asthma.

Dr. Kenneth Hunter, a Microbiologist and Cancer Researcher at the University of Nevada School of Medicine uses this same diet in his cancer research to starve cancer.

The late Dr. Stanley Monteith, MD, a retired Orthopedic Surgeon and syndicated radio talk show host intereiewed me on his program after which he asked if he could offer my book to his listeners.

My Mother's Story of Recovery

My mother was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema in 2003. Signs of the disease were not visible at first but the diagnosis was no surprise. My mother had smoked for close to 40 years.

Her doctor prescribed nebulizer treatments, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, rescue inhalers and other inhaled medications. Documentation claimed these drugs would slow the progress of the disease.

She quit smoking almost immediately. Two and a half years later she was noticeably worse. I asked the doctor why she was getting worse in light of the fact that she had not been smoking. He told me that "They (doctors) did not know why the disease progressed long after smoking cessation." He said it was a mystery!

I decided immediately that I would research this disease until I either solved this big mystery or my mother took her last breath.

I began suspecting that the progression of COPD had to be some pathogen growing and proliferating in her lungs. What else could it be?

A few thousand hours of research later I found Dr. Kenneth Hunter. Dr. Hunter stated that cancer was a pathogen and that pathogens ate sugar. Dr. Hunter had developed a diet that would starve cancer and presumably any other pathogen in the body. I was hoping my hypothesis was correct and this diet would begin starving the pathogen I believed was causing my mother's COPD.

It took my mother and I about 10 days to transition to this restrictive diet. Two weeks later I saw her first signs of improvement. It was a small, subtle improvement but it was there and it was permanent as evidenced in the coming days and weeks after I first noticed it.

Seventeen months later my mother had regained all of her lost weight, did not require any supplemental oxygen, could sleep through the night without waking and could eat a full plate of food with no distress. She had completely recovered.


"Thank God I came across your blog and ordered your book! Your book was the start of a journey of recovery for me. I immediately made the dietary changes you recommended; eliminating sugar and carbohydrates that were quickly turned into sugar. I immediately started on the NAC and several other recommended supplements."

-Diane R./ New Zealand

"I went to the internet and was guided by my higher power, the lord Jesus Christ, to a cure. I started taking many of your supplements for about 5 months. I can now run 6 mile races. Your book definitely saved my life."

-Mike C./Pennsylvania

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