Alternative COPD Research Reveals Solutions

My research continued and over the next year and a half I added a number of supplements each with its own specific purpose in either restoring the body to optimal health or systematically attacking this pathogen.

I found supplements that would restore my mother's compromised immune system to optimal levels. I found supplements that would reduce inflammation and thin the thick mucus so she could cough it up and out of her lungs. I found supplements that would help her become more alkaline which I knew would make it difficult for any disease to exist according to Dr. Baroody in his book, "Alkalize or Die."

I found supplements that would attack this pathogen directly no matter which pathogen it was and I found a supplement that would actually amplify my mother's immune response making it more likely that the immune system could kill this pathogen! I also found a supplement that would tear away the protective protein covering, characteristic of all pathogens, making it more vulnerable to attack by my mother's newly restored, and now amplified, immune system.

With each step I would see more improvements! I noticed that unlike the temporary improvements the drugs provided, these subtle improvements were permanent and we continued building on them daily.

It took a total of 17 months for my mother's complete recovery from emphysema and COPD. The doctors were sure it was from their drugs however, when I asked them how many of their other patients were improving I got a big blank stare. Not one of the other patients was improving! They didn't realize my mother had stopped taking all of their drugs, one at a time nearly 6 months earlier, once they no longer provided the temporary relief they once had.

Why I Wrote this Book

My intention after getting my mother well was to return to work in the software industry. A good friend who had been my tech at the last software company I worked at had severe asthma and allergies. I emailed him the diet and the list of supplements and what each one did.

He started on the diet immediately and called 3 days later telling me he had laid down to go to sleep the night before and for the first time that he could remember, he wasn't wheezing! He was all excited and said that I needed to put all this information into a book so others could also benefit. I resisted since I was not a writer and knew nothing of the publishing industry. He continued prodding me until I agreed.

The progression of COPD is not a big mystery! I firmly believe that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is caused by a pathogen and this pathogen can be killed! To-date, over 8000 people in 39 different countries have recovered or are in the process.

COPD Focus Group

If you are interested in individual attention as you progress toward recovery you may want to check out our COPD Focus Groups. You pay only for the supplements and we walk you through each step until recovery. You are required to document your recovery for participation in these Focus Groups. For more information,


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